Quick wins to keep your kids safe online during the COVID-19 era

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During these uncertain times with the Corona Virus pandemic and families in quarantine to avoid exposure, it’s no wonder that most of us spend more time on our devices than anything else. So with the Corona virus dilemma aside, what concerns you probably the most is how your kids are no longer experiencing real traditional childhood and, instead, they are stuck online interacting with the whole world! The sad truth is that this makes them so vulnerable and makes them targets to predators of all kinds. Cyber Bullying, gaming addiction (and the rest) is no laughing matter! And you agree that their attitude can turn ugly when they are challenged about it? If it was already bad before this crisis, then it’s only going to get worse as your child spends more time indoors and, ultimately, interacting online. Gone are the days where the parent’s worst nightmares about their children and tweens was catching them smoking behind their parent’s backs or illegally drinking alcohol at parties and getting into fights. But did you know that gaming addiction and cyber bulling is just as real, and if not, just as bad? Not only is this addiction to the online world a problem, it makes children, tweens and teens much more vulnerable to predators who pose as others of their own age group and can keep this up for weeks and months before they strike! And let’s not get started with uncensored photos … could they be circulating around the internet and dark web? If you do nothing, this will continue and who knows how bad your child and home life could get? The good news is that there are quick wins, we giving away a week awareness programma and a Ebook. It is a successful way to keep your child safe online, without the battles! The Ebook “PARENTING TEENS SPECIAL REPORT” is one of the many E-books available in the ONLINE YOUTH PROTECTION (OYP) FAMILY HUB. The awareness programme you experience what our approach is. With our info package, you can make your first plan (quick wins)


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