101 Tips For Avoiding Procrastination!

Contributed by:
Andromachi Polychroniou

Give Me 45 Minutes And You’ll Have A Battle Plan For Attacking Procrastination At It’s Source! Have you been a procrastinator your entire life? If you have, isn’t it time you do something about it? Within my 50 page guide, “101 Tips For Avoiding Procrastination,” you’ll learn all the tricks, methods, and strategies for beating down your bad habit. And you can start the battle in minutes from now by downloading my guide to your PC. …here is just SOME of the information you will find inside: => How to prepare yourself for the battle against procrastination. (Page 5) => 12 ways people procrastinate everyday (sometimes without realizing it). (Pages 5-6) => How you can get the upper-hand on procrastination (by dealing with consequences). (Page 6) => The secret tool you can create in your mind (kind of like a mental calculator) that will help you open your eyes to the problem. (Pages 7-8) => 21 phone numbers to have nearby to save you time… and keep you from getting distracted. (Pages 8-9) => Why successful people are used to getting things done (which keeps them from procrastinating) and how you can be too. (Page 10) => When you need some inspiration, here’s a mantra you can recite to revitalize your energy and finish out your day strong. (Page 11) => An easy way people who beat procrastination keep from dwelling on their past failures. (Pages 11-12) => 11 time-wasters you and your family may be suffering from day-in and day-out. (Page 14) => How to handle chores without wasting time. (Pages 14-15) => The secret to using small steps to complete huge tasks. (Pages 15-16) => How procrastinating can lead to huge bills (that you’ve never even considered). (Page 16) => When you need to keep up with schoolwork, here’s how to use the professor to your advantage. (Page 17) => How to keep your significant other from being your biggest distraction (and excuse). (Page 19) and much more


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