10 Self-improvement ebooks

Contributed by:
Andromachi Polychroniou

My personal selection of self-improvement ebooks which I believe reading and implementing even a little of what you read can be very helpful during these difficult times. Inside you will find: 1. “The expert in you- Discover How To Find And Monetize on Your Expertise And Strengths” 2. “Focus – Discover How To Finally Stay On Track With Your Projects, Create Schedule And A Master Plan To Reach Your Goals” 3. “Choose To Be Happy – The Path to Success is Paved with Positive Thinking!” 4. “Courage Conqueror – What You Need To Do To Be A Success In Building Your Courage!” 5. “Powerful Persuasion Posture! – This powerful tool will provide you with everything you need to know to achieve your goal influencing people.” 6. “Gratitude for Today! – Learn to Be Grateful In An Ungrateful World!” 7. “Friend Fundamentals! – Learn how to become a great friend” 8. “Heal Yourself! – a guide intended to help you heal yourself of all the scars and the influence of all the negativity around.” 9. “Conquer Your Fears – 10 Techniques to help you conquer your fears” 10. “Stress Busters – Learn How to Minimize Your Stress” Most of them comes with plr license as well.


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